Thursday, April 10, 2008

Most Eskallent Pictures

Hi, I lost a shit ton of great pictures when I was laid off of my last job and they wouldn't give me access to my computer or a copy of my directory. :P I do what I can, jooknow.

This is an awesome dissection of the term "hot dog flavored water," pioneered by Limp Biskit.
Apparently it's some band in joke, this wasn't even close.

Next I have an amazing picutre illustrating how I intended to eat Eel's hands and sew his wrists to each other. There was some confusion about if I was sewing the hand or the arm portion of the wrists together.

Here's another gem, my friend urn and some of his lovely friends, if you are are hip to all. this internets shit you'd know that this is an homage to

Sorry for making a fucking blog.

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