Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucid Indicator Applet Fail

Yeah, so I've been using Ubuntu : Lucid Lynx super cat farnsworth edition for a while now and am really liking it. hahah wait... what the HOEK are these goofy icons I can't get rid of???!!!!

I'm talking about the envelope and the little speech bubble with an X on it.

I am free from my operating system!! I don't want to update my status or check my e-mail using my OS but this is exactly what is built in to Ubuntu 10.04 from the start.

Much to my chagrin I was unable to simply right-click and "remove from panel" these icons explicitly. They both belong to individual icon pairs called "indicator applet" and "indicator applet session"

I just want to keep the volume indicator and the power/logoff indicator icons but I cannot!! WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME SO UBUNTU?

After some intense searching I found out that it is indeed possible to remove these individually using the System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager to uninstall the "indicator-me" and "indicator-messages" packages. Look... see how mine aren't green anymore... that's because I nullified their existence :)

So seriously. This wasn't that difficult to figure out but I really shouldn't have to figure out anything besides right clicking on what I don't want and getting rid of it.

Look how happy my menu bar is now!! I have room for Eyes 2.30.0 now without that terrible soul sucking feeling of not having updated my status recently enough or thinking about my e-mail piling up.


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  1. Aaaaand it's reasons like that that I switched to Debian. Glad to see you found an easy solution to Canonical's design "choices".


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