Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Replacing Yamaha YS200 Synthesizer Battery

In this post I will describe one way to replace the CR2032 3V button / coin cell battery in the Yamaha YS200.

First make sure the battery actually needs replacing by performing a voltage test using the YS200's internal test menu.

After turning the unit on hold down EFFECT, then while still holding that button hold EXIT, then while still holding the other two down press STORE

"Test Entry ?" prompt will appear on the screen.

Press the "+" button on the keypad and you should see the "??;Input test number!" prompt.

 Use the number keys to enter "02" and you should see the battery voltage displayed!

This battery is at 0.8V (NG = No Good?) and definitely needs to be replaced.

Items needed:
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • New CR2032 3V coin cell battery
  • Small binder clip
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire, approx 3 feet (1m)
  • Wire snips
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Flux

 As you may have guessed this is a bit of a hack, but done properly it is quite easy to reverse and will not damage the board.

For a more complete and professional replacement look into ordering and installing either a through hole battery holder or a CR2032 with attached leads.

Remove all the screws and take the outer plastic housing off.

Inside there is a metal shield over the board with the battery, remove the screws holding it and remove the shield.

The old battery is in the center, soldered to the board.

 Use wire snips to clip the leads and remove the battery, it can be tricky getting them under the battery.

Create your battery holder by stripping two wires, each about a foot and a half (45cm) long, putting the bare ends on opposite sides of the battery and wrapping everything up with electrical tape.

Be sure to note which wire the positive side of the battery is connected to so we solder it to the correct lead. 

Solder the wires to the ends of the clipped metal leads.

I routed the wires out of the shielded area so I wouldn't have to remove it if I needed to replace the battery again.

Use the binder clip to hold the battery in place and apply pressure to the wires.

Not shown in the below picture is the extra piece of electrical tape I put around the binder clip levers to prevent them from accidentally shorting something out.

 Put everything back together and run the battery test again.

 3.3V OK

Now you can again save sequences on the synthesizer with the largest volume knob ever created!


  1. It works thank you very much. 🤗

  2. Finally a good answer with pictures...... It took me years to figure this one out...how to do it yourself!!!


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