Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amazing Generic Pudding Box Scans from 1990s

So a friend of mine was getting rid of a food cache and I found some great vintage pudding boxes expiring in 1997 and 1998!!

I scanned them in at 600dpi using my crap HP "multifunction" device which is currently only able to scan, the PNGs were fucking huge so I made them into jpegs.
On with the show...

First up we have HY*TOP premium quality Lime Flavor Gelatin Dessert!!!

Feast your eyes because back in '94 you could get these for 50 cents... each!
I really like lime stuff.

It's astounding:

Next is a really obscure rarity. I'll bet nobody has ever collected this one.

Could you believe Food Club SENSIBLES FAT FREE pudding & pie filling Instant Vanilla Artificial Flavor!!!!???

I really like how the "I" in Sensibles is smaller, it really shows how much thought was put into this line of generic pudding.
This looks like it expired 08 19 98, it was also produced in skokie, illinois... just like those Quartet whiteboards.

So yeah, I have these original boxes available until this thursday when the recycling truck will pick them up. [update: gone]

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  1. Reminds me of a very old jelly ("Jell-O") box I found cleaning out once. The brand was MORFAT ( http://www.morfat.gr ). It must be tough to market a dessert with a name like that in English speaking countries ...


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