Tuesday, August 9, 2011

White Water Rafting Tips

*Watch out for rocks

Things to bring:
- Oars
- Spool of Barbed Wire

-If anybody has any other tips to add, just mention them in the comments and I'll put them up here!!

Cheers and happy rafting!!!!!!!111

[update 10Aug'11]

Watched an episode of MacGyver that originally aired November 10th, 1985 called Trumbo's World.
There is a short sequence where the 'Gyv rescues this lady and jumps into a river raft from a rope that he sets on fire. He throws a spool of barbed wire in with them and pushes off, kindly leaving a second raft on shore for the 6 pursuers to give chase in. Mac and the woman make fine work of the river and are able to jump onto some rocks and rig up a line of barbed wire across the river and continue on. The 6 guys in the other raft totally hit the wire and flip over.

The rest of the episode goes in a completely different direction, billions of ants killing everybody, tons of close up ant shots and a makeshift flamethrower. I think I learned how to make two different kinds of bombs this episode too.

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